Our Approach

Getting projects built. It’s not getting any easier, is it?

Today it takes far more than the typical planning and engineering services to secure a successful outcome to the planning, design, and construction of land development and public works projects. It’s more challenging than ever to craft a plan that is viable, maximizes the client’s objectives and fits the local jurisdiction’s development criteria.

It takes a unique combination of experience, foresight, people and superior client service to give a project the best advantage and best chance at success.

Here’s a brief look at the unique approach that’s behind our firm’s 50+ year track record of producing outstanding results for our clients.

Our Experience

Few California engineering firms can claim as long and successful a track record as MacKay & Somps. We started in 1953. Our experience lets us address complex issues quickly and confidently, using what we know has worked in the past to help our clients develop a vision of what will work now and in the future. It lets us prepare more accurate schedules and cost estimates. It produces fewer plan checks and it gets projects built.

Our Foresight

It’s our ability to look forward that many clients value most; to identify physical and political opportunities and constraints early; to anticipate questions before they are asked; to predict and solve construction problems before they occur; and then plan and design projects accordingly. We know how to stay ahead of the curve to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that can turn into costly delays.

Our People

A long history and vast experience are only as useful as the people who carry that with them. In each office you’ll find staff with 10, 20 and 30+ years on the MacKay & Somps' team. Our offices include seasoned project managers who have solved the most complex engineering issues and who know how to make projects go more smoothly. Our long-lasting relationships with high-level agency officials and building industry leaders help keep projects on track. We know the people who can help us make things happen.

Our Service

On a day-to-day basis, you can expect timely solutions to questions and problems, responsiveness when you call (and sometimes even before), on-schedule performance, proactive project management, and high-level attention and advice based on extensive, real-world experience. Granted, these are just words on the screen, but clients have been returning to MacKay & Somps again and again for decades, and they tell us our client service has a lot to do with that decision.

“Our services, tools and techniques are state-of-the-art, but our work ethic and quality commitment are definitely old-school. That's what keeps our engineers from becoming a commodity — there's extra value in our experience, in our connections, in our reputation and in our people — and makes us a true partner in your project.”