College Park at Mountain House

Western San Joaquin County
815 acres, 2,200 dwelling units, 1,750,000s.f. Office/Commercial Space, 2 Schools, 2 Neighborhood Parks, 1 Community Park, several Linear Park/Open Space Corridor segments, Infrastructure including major roads, water storage and pumping facilities and a stormwater quality basin.
Gerry N. Kamilos, Matthews Homes, EDAW, Cassano Kamilos Homes, Investwest, Global Investment and Development.
Services Provided:
Initial feasibility studies, Record of Survey, Engineering and Planning support and client representation in preparation of Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report; Entitlements including Tentative Maps and accompanying amendments to County General Plan, Mountain House Master Plan and County Development Title; Preparation of Design Guidelines; Design Review; Major Infrastructure Planning and Engineering; Final Subdivision Design and Mapping for 19 subdivisions; Construction Staking.
Unique Challenges:
The Specific Plan for College Park involved numerous development interests and public agencies, including San Joaquin Delta Community College, as well as existing residents. An aqueduct and a freeway adjacent to the site and major gas pipelines, electrical transmission lines and stormwater drainage through the site were significant constraints on the land plan. Achieving a jobs/housing balance within the Specific Plan area while accommodating a college campus not envisioned in the original Master Plan posed an additional challenge.
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College Park Land Plan over a photo from the air taken by a MacKay & Somps employee with a pilot’s license.