Del Webb Lincoln Hills Trail System

Lincoln, CA
Del Webb
Project Responsibilites
MacKay and Somps was the lead engineer and a key component in the planning of the trails system, the preparation and processing of the master plan, the preparation of the construction documents and implementation during the construction process.
Project Description
Early in the process, the project proponent decided that a key amenity within the development would be the trails system that looped through the adjacent oak trees and up to the hills to enjoy the surrounding views of the Sacramento Valley. In all, over 36,000 linear feet (almost 7 miles) of bike paths, multi-use facilities and trails were installed. Many trails were multi-use systems, however some were dedicated to equestrian uses, others were pedestrian only and some were tailored towards cyclists. There was also a good mix between street adjacent, paved and “rustic” styles of trails.
Regulatory Agency Requirements
To develop the project and trails system, there was significant regulatory agency oversight and coordination. The site was permitted with Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Air Quality Control Board and local City departments. MacKay and Somps played a key role in securing the necessary permits and executing the preparation of improvement and grading plans to comply with the restrictions in place.
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