GenCorp Engineering Analysis

Sacramento County, CA
Project Area
13,000+ Acres
Study Areas
Drainage: Examination of Alder Creek & Buffalo Creek watersheds, Folsom South canal crossings and downstream facilities in Gold River. Design of facilities to meet low flow downstream constraints at Hwy 50 and Gold River. Analyzed overall drainage from existing mined dredger tailings.
Water: Evaluated surface water availability & delivery issues between four separate water purveyors & gave technical advice to legal counsel during negotiations. Found solutions to use groundwater extraction & treatment (GET) water as a reclamation source for larger East County area.
Sewer: Designed overall master plans of trunk & sewer facilities to serve both existing facilities & future land development. Applied existing & proposed uses to County master plans & made shed shifts & trunk re-alignments to avoid Alder Creek & other sensitive areas Planned for facility upgrades without interruption to existing Aerojet plant demands.
Grading: Analyzed large volume grading balance of dredger tailings. Addressed slickens remediation & grading to protect oak woodlands and elderberry habitat. Prepared critical schedule for timing of land development with concurrent, overall gravel harvesting activities, and ongoing plant operations. Found sustainable solutions for recovery of slickens for topsoil, and on-site aggregates for road construction.
Remediation: Worked with client to obtain the only significant land use approval in California for conversion of EPA Superfund lands to single family residential use.
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