Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Santa Clara County, CA
Santa Clara County
Project Area
137 Acres
Project Scope
Assisted the County in their redevelopment process through the County’s Redevelopment Program; located existing site utilities, developed utility demolition plan and rehabilitation plan; supported the County in determining an appropriate and cost efficient alternative for the proposed County Expo Center and Theater / House of Blues; and provided engineering services for the development of the Valley Health Center and Corde Terra Village.
Project Description
Development of the various projects required collaboration amongst the City, County and Housing Authority. The consultants were called upon to seamlessly unify the new facility with its surrounding areas as well as blend the requirements of the various agencies and interest groups.
Developed existing on-site and off-site utility base maps. Provided records research, utility agency coordination and site investigations.
Provided costs analyses, parking layout, intersection concepts, pedestrian access routes, utility routing and modeling, and more to aid in the efficient site design of the proposed sites.
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