Shea Center Livermore

City of Livermore, California
300 acres, 1,050 detached and attached residential units, 2 million s.f. Business/Commercial Park space, a 17-acre transit site (future BART site), and an 11 acre park.
Shea Properties (commercial) and Shea Homes (residential)
Services Provided:
Site Planning, Entitlements, Boundary and topographic surveys, Infrastructure Engineering, Storm Water Quality Treatment Design, Subdivision Design, Project Management, Construction Staking
Unique Challenges:

The site lies within the City of Livermore’s I-580 Scenic Corridor which regulates and restricts development near Interstate 580 to preserve views of the ridgelines beyond. Development of the site required substantial viewshed modeling to ensure that the proposed commercial and residential buildings complied with the scenic corridor requirements. Due to height restrictions, the proposed grading for the buildings was critical in achieving the correct top-of-building elevations while still providing for adequate drainage and earthwork placement.

Storm drainage design included the re-routing of a short section of creek through underground piping and had to accommodate a portion of the Las Positas College site to the north and provide on-site detention to avoid overwhelming an existing storm drain culvert under I-580.

Substantial coordination and design consideration was also required for the interface with the Las Positas College access road, a future freeway interchange on I-580, and the BART transit site.

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