Sorrento at Dublin Ranch

Dublin, CA
Toll Brothers
Project Area
39 Acres
Project Land Uses
423 Residential Units
2.4 Acre Neighborhood Square
Project Descriptions
Sorrento is a Master Planned Residential Community within the Dublin Ranch Development. With 423 Residential Units over 39 acres the project ranges in product types from Single Family homes to High Density Flats. With 5 distinct neighborhoods the project uses the architecture and land plan to invoke an Italian village on the hill.
The project includes a recreation center and neighborhood square for the residents of Sorrento.
Mackay and Somps participated in the Land Planning and Entitlements, as well as the infrastructure design including the surrounding and internal road system, utility design, and assisted in the construction process.
Entitlements; Land Planning; Infrastructure and Site Design; Mapping; Coordination of Architect and Landscape Architect Team; Construction Staking
Sorrento at Dublin Ranch
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