Sustainable Projects

MacKay and Somps believes in a practical approach to sustainable development and that multiple factors need to be considered when choosing design solutions including: environmental benefits, front-end construction costs, long-term maintenance benefits and costs, jurisdictional requirements and political realities.

Almost all of our projects involve sustainable elements, highlighted to the right are some of our projects with significant environmental and sustainable concepts. For more details on these or other projects, contact the MacKay & Somps office in your area.

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Water Quality / LID

Recycled Water System Infrastructure

  • LAVMA Pipline Project
  • Mossdale Recycled Water System
  • Dublin Ranch Recylced Water System

Mitigation / Restoration Sites

  • North Livermore Wetland Habitat
  • Anderson 48 Wetlands, Rohnert Park
  • Silver Creek Restoration, San Jose